About Julia's pictures on Flickr...

Why would I want to go to Flickr when you have the same pictures right here on your website?

We reduce the picture quality when we post to our web site to reduce the file size.  If you wanted to print these pictures or otherwise use them, the picture quality would be crummy.  On Flickr, you can download a higher resolution image. 


Do I need to register to see the pictures? 

No need to register.  Just follow the link on our website and you can view and download all the photos you want. 


All the images are so small - how can I see a larger version of all the pictures? 

Click on "Slideshow" which is in grey text at the top right side of the Flickr screen.  That will show you a large screen slideshow of the pictures and you can use the arrows on the left and right to move forward and back.


Okay, so how do I download these pictures? 

It's actually a few simple steps but it's not very intuitive. 

 * Find a picture you like.

 * Click on on the picture to open it.

 * Click on the small text "All Sizes" just above the picture.

 * Click on "Download the Large Size" and save to your computer.


What if I don't want to do all this?

Just contact us and let us know which ones you want.  We can print them, or send you the higher resolution image.

Julia's Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/babyjuliamay